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A beam of disillusioned fiction Inspired by Andrei Tarkovsky's 1979 film STALKER. In this tale there exists a secret room with the power to grant a person's innermost desires - even the ones they are unaware of. But it is hidden in a dank wasteland; the site of an unnamed cataclysm. To help them find this room, two men hire a guide. He is a cautious man who knows that the Zone is as full of menace as it is of promise. He insists they take an torturously slow path through the haze and rubble, past impotent objects and countless pools seething with irradiated water. As in a dream, black and white shifts to colour as the three men steal into The Zone and attempt to grasp its nameless mysteries.

SPECIAL EFFECT includes a bevy of experimental commercial disruptions emerging from the cracks between Tarkovsky’s cinematic vision with its original text, ROADSIDE PICNIC by the Srugatsky brothers. This team of break-makers includes PFFR, Sabrina Ratté, Andrew Benson, Billy Grant, Ola Vasiljeva, Michael Bell-Smith, Jacob Ciocci, Philippe Blanchard, James Duesing, Jeff Kriksciun, Maya Lubinsky, Chad VanGaalen, E*Rock, Luke Painter, Brandon Blommaert, Michael Robinson, Stu Hughes, Yoshi Sodeoka, Devin Flynn, Amy Lockhart, and Brenna Murphy.

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Brisbane, AU - Institute of Modern Art
Canberra, AU - Australian National University
Melbourne, AU- New Low Gallery
Meredith, AU -Meredith Music Festival
Adelaide, AU- Tuxedo Cat
New York, NY- Museum of Moving Image
Syracuse, NY - Syracuse University
Charlottesville, VA - The Bridge
Bielefeld, DE - Artists Unlimited
Osnabruck, DE - European Media Arts Festival
Brussels, BE - Cinema Nova
Bordeaux, FR - Monoquini
Rotterdam, NL - WORM
Karlsruhe, DE - Kinemathek Karlsruhe
Stuttgart, DE - Strzelski Gallerie

Rijeka, HR - Zivot
Zagreb, HR - Lauba
Los Angeles, CA - Silent Movie Theater
Valencia, CA - CalArts
Portland, OR - TBA Festival
Montreal, QC - Pop Montreal
Toronto, ON - Pleasure Dome
Guelph, ON - Ed Video
Pittsburgh, PA - VIA Festival
Hudson, NY - Basilica Hudson
Columbia, SC - Columbia Museum of Art
Vancouver, BC - Cineworks
Calgary, AB - GIRAF
Keene, NH - Keene State College